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The most important element of flag football is being able to effectively pull the flag from the opponent’s flag belt. Making sure you practice youth flag football drills which show that your players are able to grab the flag is the most important part of having a strong defense. Make sure you inform the team that when attempting to pull someone's flag, try to pull from the flag belt, and not the actual flag. This leaves some room for error, since you can grab the flag if you miss the belt, and the belt is a constant target because even if the player spins, the flag belt will still be in the same spot.

Basic Flag Pulling Drills:

The teams that are most successful at pulling flags will rake the opponent's back with the fingers. Once minimal contact is established, the hands move down the back and grasp hold of the belt, to make the pull. However, there is one disadvantage of pulling for the flag belt, since grabbing on to the player's shorts or shirt can potentially result in a holding penalty. Have your players line up around you and toss the ball to one player at a time, allowing the others to practice the rake technique, being careful not to pull on the shorts or shirt of the ball carrier.

Flag Pulling Practice Drill:

A wonderful flag-pulling practice drill is to tell your teammates to line up in a single file line, acting as the ball carriers. Then have one person act as the defender about five yards away from that line, facing back toward it. Next, the first ball carrier in the single file line runs toward that defender, then at the last step, cuts to the right of the defender. Hopefully the defender reaches out and pulls the flag.

Step Two:

The next ball carrier in the single file line does the same thing as the first person, only this time the runner cuts to the left of the defender. Again, the flag is hopefully pulled. Now, the ball carriers begin speeding up the process. Running back cuts to the right, then next to the left, then next to the right, and again to the left, rotating back and forth.

Step Three:

The process should consistently speed up and eventually the defender does not have much time to think, only to react by pulling the flag belt. This teaches the defender to make split second decisions and to instinctively be able to properly pull the opponents flag. Switch positions and let another player try it, rotating all the way through the team. Many teams like to practice this youth flag football drill in the few minutes before a game, in order to warm up and prepare for their opponent.

Flag Pulling Practice Drill 2:

In a game situation, players will not only need to grab the flag of the runner, but also the receiver. Line up your receivers and toss the ball to a member of your offense. When they catch the ball the defenders will have to swarm around the ball carrier and pull the flag as quickly as possible. This is a good youth flag football drill to practice the rake technique on the fly without preparation.


Tomball Sports allows and encourages everyone to get the involved which makes Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Baseball more fun and learning faster.
•    Tomball Sports Allows for more player involvement thus more fun!
•    Manageable group(s) for more attention per player.
•    Playtime Requirements allowing each player to increase their skill set!
All players can rotate to each position and every player plays EQUALLY each game. We use a specially designed ESS - "Equal Substitution System" to guarantee this. Also, TOMBALL SPORTS has no tryouts or all-star teams and all teams are balanced using the drafting system.
•    Fair to each player
•    Fair opportunity for every team
Depending on the sport, Coaches are allowed on the field to use positive coaching and provide a safe environment by enforcing the rules with the proper discretion in a cooperative way. TOMBALL SPORTS standards are very high for coaches as well as parents. We do not allow any derogatory comments or persistent yelling that would belittle, distract or embarrass players, parents, or referees. We ask that if you must yell you Use encouragement!!! Better yet, relax, enjoy, and "LET THE KIDS PLAY!" It's for their fun!! If you use the words, Go, Good, Great, or Nice at the beginning of a sentence or phrase you'll always be a positive parent. i.e. Great Kick! Good Dribble! Nice Shot! Go Tigers!
• A positive experience for every player, no matter what their past experience or abilities.
• Enables parents to give encouragement, to ignore the mistakes and enjoy their child's playing.
TOMBALL SPORTS is an all-volunteer program. We need both Dads and Moms involved as it enhances the player enjoyment 10 times more when their parents are involved with them in a positive way. TOMBALL SPORTS has many ways for parents to be involved and the most important is COACHING. Coaching in TOMBALL SPORTS is easy, fun, and VERY REWARDING. TOMBALL SPORTS provides all the training needed in each and every sport we offer. We need new coaches each season as we grow. The time needed is slightly more than your child's own time involved. Also, we want and need more moms to coach in TOMBALL SPORTS as TOMBALL SPORTS as 40% girls are registering!!


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